Heema Karia

Please meet Heema: the alliance between acient knowlegde and modern ways of life. Intelligence, Wisdom and Infinite Love.

Heema was always studying, she became a psychologist.  Studied Naturopath, works as hypnotherapist and  regression therapist.

But she needed to know more as she feels so much more. So she graduated as Geo engineer, radical chakra healer. Making the alliance between two worlds, she studied western astrology and Architectural energy science.

Presently Heema is doing research on how to balance your astrological planets and Architectural energy science  just by balancing your chakras and your mind.

Heema is a lady with strong connection to the "self" and to "being". Distance is a measurement humans installed, Heema can connect to you, where ever you are and support you with the energy and guidance you need.

 Heema greets you in person in below link: